What’s Brewing at allieciné Besides Coffee?


We all know the coffee is brewing over here but so are many films and series!  Since my last post we’ve finished shooting our pilot episodes of Replaced Series, all of Season 1 of SOLO The Series is now online, I’ve shot a feature called Office Ninja w/ Bin Lee and Jim Wiley, and I’ve begun hardcore pre-production for Love in the Time of Monsters. Additionally, post production for A Boy’s Life and The Drought is almost done.  In June we premiered Hopelessly In June to the public at Dances With Films in Los Angeles.  While this is a lot to take in, and likewise a lot to manage from a producing standpoint, together they are what makes me tick.  Let me break it down for you:

Replaced Series

4 shooting days, 4 locations, an amazing cast: Jon Briddell, Lisa Catara, John T Cogan, Harrison White, Dave Reaves, Brian Majestic, and Jamie Fishback, an awesome crew, prop guns, badges, crime scene tape, police jackets, a hotel room, and a few unmarked cars.  Oh, and an alleyway in the Valley courtesy of Greg Storm – thanks Greg!  Heath is currently editing the show and I just saw a couple of scenes yesterday and it made me so extremely excited to see it all.  It looks amazing and I’m amped to get it in front of TV and Film executives because, let’s face it, we need to get the rest of this made and in front of main stream audiences where it belongs.

SOLO The Series

The launch of the final 6 episodes of Season 1 of SOLO was awesome.  Our fans were pleased and our growing audience is hooked.  I loved getting feedback from everyone about where the story has gone, the characters and the action sequences (that were extremely fun to shoot).  We also had a giant reveal in Episode 8 [SPOILER ALERT] that Ratish is MI6 and a badass!  Thankfully Amol Shah kicked butt during training and our shoot so we could pull it all off!  [SPOILER OVER] Thank you to all of our fans for your support – it’s been a blast.  Of course if you haven’t seen SOLO yet or if you’re not caught up – you can watch it here: SOLO The Series.  Make sure to leave comments – we love those!

Office Ninja

One of the great things about Los Angeles and the network of people here is that you can happen upon an email about a project and suddenly you’re smack dab in the middle of shooting a feature film.  For 3 weeks in June I Assistant Directed (and then some) a feature by Bin Lee (first time director/writer/EP) and produced by Jim Wiley (first time feature producer).  I found Bin and Jim via NextGenFemmes and luckily for me they asked me to join the team.  Little did I know that the Dir. of Photography was Jeff Samuelson (he DPed Love Sick Love in 2007, which I co-produced).  Small world!  I also helped Bin and Jim cast the film and we were blessed to have such an amazing ensemble: Jade Carter (SOLO The Series), Robb Padgett (Vampire Zombie Werewolf), Jessica Mills (Awkward Embraces), Jose RoseteTodd Johnson, and a few cameos… I’ve been sworn to secrecy.  Never have I had so much fun, such little on-set drama, and been so ahead of schedule before (go us!).  Additionally, when can you say that you’ve spent 3 weeks “at work” surrounded by Ninjas, nun chucks and throwing stars?  It was awesome and I can’t wait for the film to be finished so you can see what I’m talking about.

Love in the Time of Monsters

I’m going to do a more in-depth post about this film but what I can say is this: Kane Hodder, Doug Jones, Trees of Mystery, PsychoMonkeys, 3 weeks shooting in Northern California, 1 week shooting in Los Angeles,Uncle Slavko’s Fun Time Blog… and that’s just the beginning!

A Boy’s Life

The picture is locked and our opening titles are done (thanks to the very talented Nipa Eason!).  We have sound design, music and color correction almost complete.  Now we enter the post post production side of the film… marketing and distribution.  For a short film this means getting the film on DVD, submitting to film festivals (figuring out which ones are right for this film), marketing it to the public, and also screening it for cast and crew.  We’re hoping to do a Los Angeles screening (maybe with The Drought and Heath Vinyard’s recent short film) in the next month or two.  I will certainly keep you all posted as to when that will happen!

The Drought

The cut of The Drought is close to locked and the music (yay, Rob Gokee!) is amazing.  This film is shot beautifully and encapsulates a very culturally rich and colorful Brooklyn.  While my involvement in this film was limited to the work I could do remotely from Los Angeles, I’m proud to be a part of this production and what they have accomplished. Hopefully we can get Kevin Slack (Writer/Director) and the rest of the team out to LA for a screening in conjunction with A Boy’s Life.

Hopelessly In June

While we have Hopelessly in June circulating the studio system we have submitted the film to festivals in Los Angeles and across the country (and Canada).  We were thrilled to have our World Premiere right here in LA at Dances With Films.  The festival was a wonderful experience thanks to Leslee Scallon, Michael Trent and Tracey Shrier (and of course my sister Krista Vanore who also worked for the festival).  I met wonderful people – filmmakers and industry execs alike.  Our screening was packed and filled with laughs.  We were graced with the presence of most of our main cast: Vincent Brantley, Carolyn Neff, Keith David, Peter Jason, Ella Joyce, Chris Biewer, Chalant Phifer and of course our producing and writing teams.  In the next month we will be screening the film in Phoenix, Arizona.  More details to follow. Recently in the press: Vincent Brantley spoke to EurWeb and we did our own Behind The Scenes Interview w/ Sound Editor, Designer, Mixer, Steven Yeaman.


As always, thank you for reading and your continued support!  Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

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