Mergers & Inquisitions to Launch COST OF CAPITAL


an Original Series On Behind-the-Scenes Intrigue in the World of Private Equity and Investment Banking – and What Billionaire Investors Do for Fun

LOS ANGELES, August 20, 2012

Mergers & Inquisitions, the world’s leading website on investment banking, with nearly 100,000 email subscribers and 500,000 monthly visitors, has partnered with Goldie Chan (OTAKU: THE SERIES) and Allison Vanore (LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS, ANYONE BUT ME) to launch COST OF CAPITAL beginning in September on YouTube with the tantalizing trailer launching today. 

It’s “Wall Street meets The Social Network,” and represents a rare, behind-the-scenes look into the shadowy world of billionaire investors – where egos and intrigue collide and a single deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars must get done at any cost.

The six-episode dramatic arc is penned by Brian DeChesare, Founder and Executive Editor of Mergers & Inquisitions, who described the project as “a dramatic version of all the stories I’ve seen in real life in the world of finance.”

It will be directed by Jorge Urbina, experienced DP and Director on WHOLE DAY DOWN and co-DP on THE STOOGES Webseries created by Natan Moss and Lee Sacks. He recently wrapped working on the LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS horror feature film with fellow COST OF CAPITAL Producer Allison Vanore.

Mergers & Inquisitions is followed by hundreds of thousands of aspiring and current financiers and investors who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the show. This marks the first dramatic series that Mr. DeChesare has written but he’s certainly no stranger to serialized television. “I’m a huge fan of almost every popular serialized TV show of the past decade, and getting to write this was a dream come true,” he stated.

Executive Producer and Showrunner Goldie Chan is equally excited to be working on a project with Mr. DeChesare, mentioning “We’ve been throwing around this idea of a dramatic series that focused on the humanity of investment bankers after the Occupy Wall Street movement and it’s been interesting to see the initial response. People have very strong opinions about the world of finance.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of COST OF CAPITAL, a dramatic series that has an intriguing story to tell and a waiting audience!  It’s not often you get to produce a webseries for an audience who can’t wait to watch.” says Producer Allison Vanore, who has worked on several award-winning webseries over the years, like SOLO: THE SERIES and ANYONE BUT ME.

COST OF CAPITAL is a marked departure from the normal comedy fare on YouTube, but those living in the world of finance hope that it stays around for a while… if only to compare their bonus numbers to what the protagonist of the series earns. 


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Brian DeChesare had extensive experience in technology, non-profits, and investment banking prior to founding Mergers & Inquisitions in 2007, where he currently runs marketing strategies and content development.

He has been a featured speaker on business, finance, and recruiting at some of the top educational institutions worldwide, including Harvard University, Peking University, Stanford University, and many others.


Goldie Chan is a producer and award-winning New Media Strategist. She has successfully navigated both the web and film space, creating cross-platform marketing strategies and content that lives in both the online and off-line space for a wide range of brands like Adult Swim, PayPal, WITI and more.

Her first original webseries, OTAKU: THE SERIES, launched the first day to over 3000 views. She is currently working on several branded content projects and splits her time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She can be found on Twitter @goldiechan or on LinkedIn:


Allison is an award-winning indie film and television producer. Her credits include webseries, SOLO THE SERIES, ANYONE BUT ME, and upcoming dramas COST OF CAPITAL, military action series AMERICAN TERROR and sci-fi series GUARDS OF DAGMAR. Allison is originally from NJ, attended the University of Arizona and now lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, music composer, Rob Gokee. Allison also produced feature romantic comedy HOPELESSLY IN JUNE featuring Ed Asner among others (releasing this month) and upcoming feature horror comedy LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS starring horror legend, Kane Hodder (currently in post). She can be found at or on Twitter at @alliecine.

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