2013 Year in Review

I want to look back and note all of the amazingly talented people I’ve worked with over the last year and give you an update on each film and series. … Continue reading2013 Year in Review

SAG-AFTRA Panel, Tues Oct 15

et nuts and bolts advice from actors and directors who are successfully producing ultra-low budget films and web series. Pick up tips on getting your feature distributed or your webisode sponsored. … Continue readingSAG-AFTRA Panel, Tues Oct 15

Pre-Production Time for Replaced

Here we are, time to jump into Replaced Series pre-production! We have less than a month to plan our shoot dates and I can’t wait! We are so lucky to be working with such a talented cast and crew and to have so many resources at our disposal! … Continue readingPre-Production Time for Replaced

An Interview with Replaced Producer, Allison Vanore

I met Heath over a year ago at a lunch that was inspired by a Twitter conversation. A few of us were discussing how to market and promote our shows online. Bernie Su and Matt Meeks had amazing insight as to how they were promoting their shows and so we all decided to meet for lunch to discuss. At the lunch: Bernie, Matt, Jamie Fishback, Jonathan Nail, Heath Vinyard and myself. … Continue readingAn Interview with Replaced Producer, Allison Vanore

Notes from the Set of “Hopelessly in June”

These two weeks in August are really the busiest and most important weeks of our entire production. With a sudden influx of talent and resources, we are kicking it into gear and pumping out the film in a few big days on set! … Continue readingNotes from the Set of “Hopelessly in June”