Private Premiere of Hopelessly in June


On March 29th 2010, Cornbread Films and Peninsula Productions hosted a private industry screening of Hopelessly in June at the Majestic Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA to a packed house of 400+ people.  The night started with a glamorous red carpet where our cast and executives spoke with red carpet host Kristyn Burtt (video coming soon).

As the crowd settled our director, Vincent Brantley, introduced the film and the lights were dimmed.  Our audience enjoyed 90 minutes of pure laugh out loud moments, amazing music and a story to match the talent on screen.  In attendance were our stars, Carolyn Neff and Vincent Brantley, Keith David, Peter Jason, Stuart Pankin, Tiny Lister and Ella Joyce.

After the screening we headed to X Bar in Century City were we reminisced about the two and a half year filmmaking process and made plans for the future.  At this time we are actively pursuing distribution and film festivals.  Our goal is to get this film in the right hands so we can share the film with the world.  Check in here and at the official Hopelessly in June website for more information about future screenings and deals.

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