‘Hopelessly In June’ & ‘A Boy’s Life’ Hit the East Coast for the Garden State Film Festival


Just when our Los Angeles festival run is blowing up, Hopelessly in June receives an invitation to the Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park, NJ.  In addition, our short film, A Boy’s Life is set to screen!   I’m inviting all of our NJ friends and family to join us for the screenings and festivities.  The festival runs March 22 – March 25, 2012.

Last year I attended the festival with short film, Purgatory, Inc., and I really enjoyed the festival, community support and the films I watched.  I look forward to another great festival! 

A Boy’s Life

March 24 at 9pm

Through his father’s military absence, a withdrawn and imaginative boy (Private Practice’s Griffin Gluck) attempts to prove to his coping mother (Christie Lynn Smith) that the monster beneath his bed is real.

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Hopelessly In June

March 25 at 2:45pm

Dating in Los Angeles has been cruel to Daleon Myers, a financial analyst from a staunch Baptist family. But hope emerges when he falls in love with June Flowers, a successful businesswoman whose family is an extremely liberal Hollywood couple. It will take a lot to help them overcome their cultural differences and find the love they both have so long desired. Starring Carolyn Neff (Spiderman 3), Vincent Brantley, Ed Asner (Up), Peter Jason (Deadwood), Stuart Pankin (Dinosaurs), Ella Joyce (Stranger Inside), Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. (The Dark Knight), and Keith David (There’s Something About Mary).

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