My Gimpy Life Season 2 Coming Soon


Earlier this fall I had the pleasure of Line Producing My Gimpy Life Season 2 thanks to a referral from Stephanie Thorpe. I’m now happy to add Teal Sherer, Sean Becker and Gabe Uhr (and the rest of our talented cast and crew) to the list of people I’ve worked with in this space!  

If you haven’t watched My Gimpy life Season 1 it’s time! You only have until February 17th to get up to speed before you can join the rest of the world as they watch Season 2.  If you’re caught up, check out the My Gimpy Life Season 2 Trailer (below) complete with familiar faces from Austin Powers, Deadwood and The Guild.   If you’re not caught up – SPOILER ALERT – everyone in Season 1 is dead and aliens took over their bodies.  Oops.

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