‘Daddy’ Now Available


The time is finally here, Daddy, a feature I produced along side Gerald McCullouch, Dan Via and Steven Tylor O’Connor, is out and ready for consumption! That, and The Advocate thinks you should watch it. We initially sold out in 24 hours but it’s back in stock and ready for you. Get it while it’s hot!

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Here’s the Trailer if you need more convincing:

So where can you watch it? Right here:


Video On-Demand

All cable provider

Amazon Instant


Google Play


DVD comes with some fantastic bonus features – Deleted Scenes and Behind the Music features with Composer Rob Gokee and Songwriter Corey TuT



Available Outside the US




Pro-Fun Media

United Kingdom

TLA Releasing – coming May 9

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One thing I ask is that after you purchase, watch and hopefully enjoy – please leave your rating and reviews on Amazon, IMDb, and post about it online. We’re all about sharing the love. You can connect with us here:




Ultimate Hashtag: #WhosYourDaddy


The DADDY Score!

Composer Rob Gokee has compiled a special album of his original music from the film, available here.

The DADDY Songs!

You can also download the songs from the film by Corey TuT on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, TIDAL, Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes – yes, basically every where.

Daddy is distributed domestically by Breaking Glass Pictures and internationally by M-Appeal.

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