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“PURGATORY, INC.” A slice of death office comedy.

Los Angeles, CA: Friday, June 25, 2010 – Award winning writer and director Boris Kievsky, award winning producer Allison Vanore and co-writer/actor, Konstantin Lavysh, bring you short subject film and back-door web pilot, “Purgatory, Inc.”  Starring Lavysh as the Clerk and Patrick Cavanaugh (Mad Men) as Christopher McNamee, “Purgatory, Inc.” is a satirical comedy set in the ethereal world of the eternal bureaucracy that is Purgatory, Inc. – the IRS of the afterlife.

More now than ever, the issues set forth in this film, religion and gay marriage, are even more important. These topics were inspired by the discussion surrounding Proposition 8.  Although the law passed, “Purgatory, Inc.” will not let the discussion die.

Synopsis: Clerk is your typical office worker stuck in your typical office Hell. Well, almost. Welcome to the eternal bureaucracy that is Purgatory, Inc – the IRS of the afterlife. When Christopher McNamee materializes in Clerk’s cosmic cubicle after dying in a freak accident, it falls to Clerk to sort out his afterlife. Christopher should be an easy candidate for Heaven, except for one slight problem: He’s Catholic…and married…to a man! Suddenly Clerk is forced to reconcile the wishes of his dead client with the policy of Purgatory, Inc: ‘We don’t judge…We process’. It’s just another day of deciding your eternity in this slice of death office comedy.

Kievsky comments: “Purgatory, Inc. uses its unrealistic setting to tackle some of the very real issues facing society today – much like Twilight Zone and Star Trek did their time, only with humor.  Aside from corporate bureaucracy gone amok, the pilot has some fun with the hypocrisy of gay marriage rights in religion.  I’m not interested in just telling a story, I’m interested in getting people to think, laugh and then think again.”

“Purgatory Inc.” enjoyed its premiere screening as part of Hollywood Shorts in Los Angeles and is available for festival screenings and distribution.  Future episodes are written and available for production should the right opportunity arise.

A trailer for “Purgatory, Inc.” is available on the official film website http://www.purgatoryinc.com with team bios and additional information at www.purgatoryinc.com/thefilm.  A private screener is available upon request.


For additional information, contact Producer and Publicity Manager Allison Vanore and visit http://www.purgatoryinc.com.

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