Notes from the Set of “Hopelessly in June”

These two weeks in August are really the busiest and most important weeks of our entire production. With a sudden influx of talent and resources, we are kicking it into gear and pumping out the film in a few big days on set! … Continue readingNotes from the Set of “Hopelessly in June”

Hopelessly in June Producer, Allison Vanore

When I first met Vince, they seemed to be “half done” with production. Soon after that the production team and writers sat down and decided they needed a complete script overhaul and plan because this short film (it was originally going to be a 30 minute short) was going to be a feature film. … Continue readingHopelessly in June Producer, Allison Vanore

What I Look For in a Film Crew

Over the next few weeks I’m going to talk about the different members of an indie film crew and what I feel is important for these individuals to possess. It’ll be the do’s and don’t’s and I’ll even feature some of my favorites and a few true stories! From Make Up Artists to Production Assistants… it will all be here: From a Producer’s Perspective. … Continue readingWhat I Look For in a Film Crew