Pre-Production Time for Replaced


Here we are, time to jump into Replaced Series pre-production!  We have less than a month to plan our shoot dates and I can’t wait!  We are so lucky to be working with such a talented cast and crew and to have so many resources at our disposal!

Firstly, I wanted to announce the newest members of our cast, Brian Majestic and Dave Reaves.  Brian is a co-star on the recently released GOLD: Night of the Zombie King series.  Dave Reaves has been filling his time on the set of Criminal Minds in SWAT gear!

US Marshal BadgeWhat are our biggest tasks at the moment? Locations, Picture Cars, Wardrobe and the possibility of shooting an additional scene or two.


We are looking to shoot in Orange County.  Why?  Firstly, our creator, Heath Vinyard, and DP, Jorge Bicer, live in the OC and secondly, permits are a lot cheaper there than in LA.  We are scouting for alley ways and industrial areas – think good chase scene locations.  Our interior locations are locked down already – offices are easy to come by.

Picture Cars:

We are in need of unmarked cop type cars as well as one cop car with lights.  I have a few people looking into this for us and so I’m confident that we’ll be able to pull this off.


Dealing with cop and US Marshal uniforms are both fun and expensive if you’re renting them from a rental house.  We’ve opted for a combination of both – make some of the items and rent the things we can’t make.  Arts and crafts time!

Additional Scenes:

There is an additional location that we can shoot if we are able to come up with the dough and the access.  This additional location will add a huge amount of production value to the show as well as introducing another character – which is yet to be cast.  If we can secure an awesome actress for this role as well as the money to lock down this location, it’ll be a go!

Replaced is set to shoot the first 2 episodes March 25 – 27.  We are actively looking for investors and distributors who are interested in seeing the entire show produced.  Please contact Allison Vanore for more information.


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